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Gladius 17 Acta Non Verba (Stone)

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager
Lieferzeit: für Personen ab 18 Jahre

The New Gladius "Acta Non Verba".

This new generation has been improved internally and externally compared to the first Gladius. Some of the improvements:

 Double spring in the guide (improving the running of the slide)
 New spring in the nozzle set (better running)
 New holes on the slide: before, only Element-style RMR fitted, with the rear sight situated in front of it. Now, the new holes on the slide allow to use a Trijicon-style RMR (not included). The rear sight can be situated -with the RMR installed- front or behind it
 Includes a CO2 magazine
 Besides the winter nozzle installed in the box, it includes an extra nozzle to reduce the power in summer. 2 nozzles (summer/winter)
 Includes a key for CO2 magazines
 New gas magazines for this series (sold separately)
 Includes a lubricant silicon oil
 And more surprises... 

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