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HPA Pro Regulator (High Pressure Edition)

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The new SPEED Airsoft HPA Regulator (High Pressure Edition) was developed specifically for airsoft use from the ground up, for any HPA converted AEG that requires a consistent low-pressure air supply.  The SPEED Airsoft HPA Regulator (High Pressure Edition) has an optimal output pressure range of 100 to 250 psi and will safely vent in the event of over-pressure.
The SPEED Airsoft HPA Regulator (High Pressure Edition) incorporates a stable air regulator unit within a single compact form factor, along with other features including, an integrated ON/OFF control that is marked with international ON/OFF logo for worldwide use; and four 1/8-NPT threaded ports so players can custom configure the regulator for their rig set up.
The SPEED Airsoft HPA Regulator is designed with the ability for airsoft fields to lock out access to the velocity adjuster with the use of a tie wrap, and will work with any 3000 or 4500 psi paintball tank that has 500 to 800 psi output.

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