Secutor VELITES G VI - Review

Secutor VELITES G VI - Review

Full test and review about the new shotgun of Secutor: the Velites VI

Last week we received the Velites G VI, a brand new airsoft shotgun made by Secutor Arms. After testing it at home, we took it for a day of fun to Airsoft Antwerp – The Bureau. But first our first impression. After we received the replica it came with 6 high quality shells (28bb’s), a speedloader, unjamming rod, clear instructions and of course the shotgun. The build quality was quite impressive, almost every component was made of metal. No wobble, just a solid build overall. The shotgun came premounted with a 6shellholster on the side, metal flip up sights and a m4 style 4position retractable stock with a rubber buttpad. The picatinny rail runs all the way to the front of the shotgun, gives it a nice tactical look and makes it very easy to mount a reddot, peq box or flashlight.


As we were planning a CQB game on Sunday we tested the FPS, range and grouping. For the FPS test we were using Walter Airsoft Gas + Silicone and 0.20g bb’s from extreme precision with an outside temperature of 21°C. We filled each shell with 1 .20bb and received these results (270,9fps; 266,9fps; 267fps; 268,8fps; 269,4fps and 265,7fps) So with an average of 268,1fps it has a nice tight fps grouping. I know that it is quite low but perfect to use indoors. If you want to increase the FPS a little bit more then we advise you to use Nuprol 3.0. Outside with a bit of wind we easy hit a wooden plate (40-40cm) within 30meters using again the Walter gas and 0.25bb’s from extreme precision. And with the benefit of choosing 3 or 6 bb’s in one shot is quite easy to hit a target of that size.Inside the shotgun you can find 3inner barrels which all have a fixed hopup and a really beautiful and effective spread after 15-20meters.


So last Sunday we headed to The Bureau to test this shotgun in all its glory. We filled the shotgun up with gas which is really easy to do because you can find the gas valve at the bottom of the stock tube and loaded up the shells. As 6shell’s with 28bb’s is not that much when using the “6BBmode” we filled up some cheap aftermarket shells too. They fit perfect but didn’t extract as smooth as the standard shells in a reload. The gas efficiency was fenominal, easily 100shot’s without refueling the gas. The shell’s shootout don't get stuck when you want to reload, even with gloves. The premounted shell holder makes it easy to do those reload's fast.
Now the soft trigger and the light pump action really stands out.
All of that with a perfect effective range of 30meters I had a really fun day playing with this shotgun.



  • The shotgun is build really solid and has a nice tactical look
  • Easy reload even with gloves on
  • Really good gas efficiency
  • Included shell holder
  • Easy modifed to HPA



  • When we received the shotgun it was leaking gas at the stocktube. But after we tightened it was all working fine
  • It is strange that you’re able to shoot 3 or 6 bb’s but only have 28bb’s in one shell
  • There is a small edge on the handel that is quite annoying without gloves



The shotgun is great fun to play with and is a really good option if you’re looking to buy a shotgun. Definitely with the 3 or 6 bb per trigger pull, you will send a lot of plastic hail towards opposing players and have a great time doing it.

The complete Secutor Velites series and all the other products used in this review can be found at the Velites Page



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