Loyalty Points


Loyalty Points Reward Program


For 250 Points you get 5 €.


As a loyal customer you will be rewarded !!!

As a loyal customer you will be rewarded in your Airsoft Store! How do we do that? Very simply, the more you buy, the more you get from us.

With our Loyalty program, your points are now digitally and automatically tracked. So you don't have to do anything yourself to get discounts !!

And you can consult your points balance online at any time by logging in as a registered user on the website.


Why should I save points?

By saving points you can get discounts on subsequent purchases. Ultimately, if you have saved enough points, you can get free products. Who would not even want to receive free bb's, gears or whatever? And yes, saving costs nothing!


How can I save loyalty points?

Very simple: register on our site with a valid e-mail address or visit your favorite store and ask for a Loyalty card. After that you only have to complete a purchase.

Purchase online or directly in our physical store, both of which give you Loyalty points that are combined.

With every purchase, every euro spent is converted into one Loyalty point.

Each Point is converted into a purchase amount to spend in a subsequent random purchase!


How many points do I already have?

You can view your number of points via airsoftstore.be. Of course you have to log in with your registered e-mail address! You can of course always ask our sales team in your Airsoft Store.

When you make a purchase at the store, the points balance is also automatically stated on your cash register ticket.


How can I convert my Loyalty Points into my purchase to use it?

To redeem your points via the webshop, click on the Loyalty button at the bottom right of your screen. You can then use the "exchange balance" button to exchange your balance for a discount code that contains a discount amount. You enter that discount code when completing your order.

Please note, once your points have been exchanged, we cannot convert them back into points. That means in concrete terms that if you have converted your points online into a discount code, they can no longer be used in Airsoft Store itself. So be advised what you do with your points.

Using your Loyalty points in the store is also possible. Simply ask our sales team to exchange your points when you complete your purchase.


What happens to my old points saved with the Airsoft Store Bonus card?

We have automatically converted that into the new system for you, the former 100-point saving campaign has been automatically converted to 1000 points in the new system, the previous points included have been deducted here. The advantage of the new system is that you can immediately convert it to either an online discount code (you then have to order it online) or redeem it at the cash register in the store itself, ask this promotion for this from one of our store employees.

In order to enjoy the same discount, you needed 100 points in the earlier system and you had to pay € 400 on your next purchase to get the same as what you have in the new system. Saving is therefore faster and you can use it immediately with your next purchase.

Feel free to drop in before 31 December 2020 at Airsoft Store to activate those points or do this online by logging in with your registered e-mail address or creating an account on the web store of Airsoft Store (www.airsoftstore.be) . Note that you need a valid e-mail address!

If you do not remember your password, you can obtain a new one via the website.


Can I purchase points?

Unfortunately you cannot purchase points! saving enough is the message!


As a squad / team member I already have a discount through sponsorship, do I also receive Loyalty Points?

This is now the extra win-win situation. In addition to the sponsor discount, you can also generate and use Loyalty Points.

Online it is best to always use your Squad / Team discount code. The conversion of your Loyalty Points is done by an automatic generation to a discount code that you can enter in your shopping cart at the checkout.

You can only use one discount code when checking out your shopping cart. So always use your Squad / Team Member discount code. Your Loyalty Points is best then exchanged in the store (there you can use the two at the same time)


I have another question concerning Loyalty!

Feel free to ask our sales team in Airsoft Store, contact us via the usual channels or mail to [email protected]


As a loyal customer you will be rewarded !!!


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